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How to find percentage of a number?

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Percentage can be calculated with the following set of formulas. Let us consider three values here: A, B, and C.


A is the percentage while B is the initial value of the percentage which will be modified and C is the result of percentage operating B.

The calculator displayed above automatically calculates by converting the input percentage into decimal to provide a solution. Here is a live example:

A x 50= 2.5

In order to calculate the value of A, you can:

A= 2.5/50= 0.005*100= 5%.

To calculate the value of A which is the value of the percentage, the above method is utilized.

How to Calculate Percentage easily? Detailed Explanation:

If you have understood the calculation above, this method is going to be pretty easy for perception. Else, you just spend some time in reading out the below way of percentage calculation.

The only thing which you should understand here is:

A/B = C X 100

A & B are the numbers while C is considered to be the percentage.

Here are the three things which can be determined:

  • Find C percent of A
  • Find what percent of A is B
  • Find A if C percent of it is B

How to calculate the percentage of a number:

Here is the formula → C% x A = B

Let me explain with an example: What is 20% of 550?

Steps for Percentage Calculation:

  • Initially, convert the above values into the above formula C% x A= B
  • Here C is 20% and A is 550. By substituting the corresponding values, you will get 20% x 550= B.
  • You can now convert 20% into a decimal by removing the percentage and dividing it by 100. So → 20/100= 0.2
  • Instead of 20%, substitute 0.2 in the above equation. Hence the equation from 20% x 550= B.becomes 0.2 x 550=B.
  • Now perform the calculation 0.2 x 550= 110.
  • Hence the value of Y is 110.
  • To put it in simple words, 20% of 550 is 110.
  • You can also double-check our answer by: Multiplying 0.2*550=110.

How to find what the percentage of A is B. Make use of the percentage formula B/A = C%.

We’ll consider an example of an easy explanation: What percent of 80 is 5 ?

  • In order to calculate the percent, you can make use of the formula B/A= C%.
  • Here A is 80 and B is 5, hence on substituting these values, the equation becomes 5/80= C%.
  • On making this calculation, you will receive a decimal result. Make sure you convert it by multiplying with 100. By doing so, you can get the percentage.
  • The actual decimal result was 0.0625. By multiplying it with 100, we’ll get 6.25%. This is going to be the percentage.
  • Hence 6.25% of 80 is 5.
  • You can now double-check your answer by substituting them on the equation. What percent of 80 is 5? = 0.0625. By multiplying the value with 100, you will get 6.25.

How to calculate A if C percent of it is B? You can make use of the formula C/A% = B.

Similarly, let us consider an example here. 50 is 5% of what number?

  • Right off the bat, you can consider the formula C/A%=B for calculation.
  • C is 50 and A% is 5. You can substitute those values in the equation. Hence you will get 50/5%=B.
  • On converting the percentage to a decimal, you can divide it by 100.
  • Thus, 5% into a decimal, 5/100=0.5.
  • On substituting the value in the equation, you will get the following 0.5 for 50%, 50/0.5= B.
  • On performing the calculation, 50/0.5= B which will be 100.
  • The value of B is 100 now.
  • You can now cross-check the answer by substituting in the question.

If you still have any queries such as, “How do I calculate the percentage and its increase for a number?”, just make sure you substitute the values and get the desired result as per your wish.

To provide a clear perception of the topic, we have given a short note on the existence of percentage in this real world!

How about the sign for Percentage?

The term “percent” is derived from the Latin word “per centum” which is known as, “by the hundred”. The sign for “percent” evolved by gradual contraction of the Italian term per cento, meaning “for a hundred”. The “per” was often abbreviated as “p.” and eventually disappeared entirely. The “cento” was surrounded by two circles separated by a horizontal line, from which the modern “%” symbol is derived and in usage.

Which is the correct spelling? Should I call as Percent or Per cent?

Get immediate assignment help from professionals. Percent, per cent or per-cent – both these actually mean the same. The word “Percent” is standard American English while on the other hand the word “per cent” is more commonly used in Canada and Britain. Since American English is considered to be widely used across the world, our website uses the same format.