Millimeter to Centimeter (mm to cm) Converter

Millimeter: A Millimeter (mm) in the metric system is defined as a unit of length i.e. SI Units of standards. On the other hand, it is defined as 1/1000 meters or 1 mm = 0.001 m. It is also approximately equal to 0.03937 inches (i.e.) 1 mm = 0.0393701 inches. To convert mm to cm, then divide mm value by 10 (mm / 10). Then, 1 mm / 10 = 0.1 cm. Hence, 1 mm is equal to 0.1 cm.

1 Millimeters = 0.1 Centimeters



1 Millimeters = 0.1 Centimeters
(1 mm = 0.1 cm)

Millimeter(mm) Origin:

The word prefix "Milli" occupies one millimeter. Additionally, it demonstrates that one millimeter is equal to one-thousandth of the base unit. The current definition of millimeter evolves with time, and it is also computed depending on the distance traveled by the velocity of light in the stated amount of time. In 2019, the definition of a meter was updated to reflect changes made to the definition of a second.

Centimeter(cm) Origin:

One-tenth of a meter is represented by the word prefix "Centi." The metric prefix in the decimal system ranges from 10-18 to 1018 by a factor of 1. However, a cm to mm converter online is used globally, and height is most commonly utilized in countries such as the United States.

In the international system of units (SI), 1/1000th of a meter is used to calculate a millimeter in the SI. It is also estimated as the distance traveled by light in 1/299 792 458 000 of a second.

Some mm to cm conversion charts for your reference:

Millimeter [mm] Centimeter [cm]
1 mm 0.1 cm
2 mm 0.2 cm
3 mm 0.3 cm
4 mm 0.4 cm
5 mm 0.5 cm
6 mm 0.6 cm
7 mm 0.7 cm
8 mm 0.8 cm
9 mm 0.9 cm
10 mm 1 cm
100 mm 10 cm
1000 mm 100 cm
2000 mm 200 cm

The millimeter to centimeter conversion chart is listed for your reference. This chart, however, represents the simple math calculation involved in the mm to cm converter online.

How many cm in a mm?

To calculate the corresponding centimeters of 1 millimeters, just divide 1 by 10 times. Hence, 1 millimeter(mm) is equal to 0.1 centimeters(cm): 1 mm = 0.1 cm.

Formula is, centimeters = millimeters / 10.

How to convert millimeter to centimeter (mm to cm) Online?

Let us try to convert 12 mm to cm

From the mm to cm measurement converter, 1 mm = 10 cm

And also 1 cm= 0.1 mm

To convert 12 mm into cm, you can make use of a mm to cm converter. Have a look at this demo to figure out how mm to cm conversion takes place.

12 mm = 12 / 10 cm = 1.2 cm

Thus, 1.2 cm is the corresponding value of 12 mm. This is how the mm to cm conversion tool works.

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