Hike Calculator - CTC Calculator

A salary percentage calculator or ctc calculator is one of the effective tools used to calculate the salary based on the percentage. The interface used in this tool is interactive and well-programmed to simplify the computation. You can also find your new salary using a hike percentage or increment.

Calculate the salary from hike percentage?

Your Salary (After the hike):
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Find the percentage of a salary hike?

Percentage of Hike: %

Formula for salary calculation:

Current CTC (Salary) * Salary Hike Percentage = New Salary

How to calculate salary increment percentage?

  • Step 1: First, Calculate the decimal value of salary hike percentage (i.e) salary percentage divided by 100
  • Step 2: Then, Multiply the decimal value to the current CTC.
  • Step 3: Now add the final value to your current CTC.
  • Step 4: Finally the new salary value is displayed.

For Example:

How to calculate a 30% hike on 28000?

  1. First find the decimal value of 30% is 30/100 = 0.30
  2. Then multiply the 0.30 into 28000 = 0.30 * 28000
  3. Then you got 8400.
  4. And add the 8400 + 28000 = 36400
  5. Hence, New Salary is 36400.

Formula for salary increment calculation:

(CTC Salary - Old Salary)/ (Old Salary) * 100 = Salary Increment Percentage

How to calculate the salary increment percentage using old and new salaries?

  • Step 1: First minus your new CTC and Old CTC.
  • Step 2: Then divide the value by the old salary.
  • Step 3: Next multiply the value with 100.
  • Step 4: Hence the salary increment percentage is calculated.

For Example:

How to calculate the percentage of increase from 28000 to 36400?

  1. First, Minus between the 36400 and 28000
  2. Then, got the value of 36400 - 28000 = 8400
  3. Then divide the 8400 by old salary = 8400/28000 = 0.30
  4. Finally, multiply the 0.30 into 100 = 0.30 * 100
  5. Hence, got the Salary Increment percentage between old and new salary is 30%

Tips: How to use our tool:-

Let's see how this salary percentage calculator works provided with a hike or percentage. For example: Assume CTC is 10k per month and 20% are now added as a hike. Let's see how to calculate the new salary now.

How to calculate a 20% hike on 10000?

  • Step 1: In the current CTC, enter 10000.
  • Step 2: Enter the hike percentage value as 20% in the provided hike field.
  • Step 3: Now click the calculate option to find the new salary.
  • Step 4: The new salary gets displayed as 12,000.

That's it! This is how the salary percentage calculator works. You can also calculate as many times in a day. In particular, use a clear or reset option to stay with happy calculations forever.