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Katha is a very locally used and famous land measurement unit in the major Indian States that are Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar. Katha's traditional method of land measurement has been declined in India with the Acceptance of the metric system in the mid-twentieth century, but people in Eastern and Northern states continue to use the phrase. This Katha unit is used to describe the total area of a piece of land.

Katha unit was not only used in the North and East part of India it also is available in adjacent nations like Nepal and Bangladesh. Katha is also named as “cottah” in sundry or various areas.

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1 Bigha = 20 katha


Bigha means - a unit of land measurement. This tool provides great calculation over bigha to katha, 1 bigha to katha, 1 bigha in katha, 1 bigha equal to and etc. To convert bigha to katha, then multiply the unit value by 20. Then, 1 bigha * 20 = 20 katha. Hence, 1 bigha is equal to 20 katha.

This standardized unit denotes various land sizes in different Indian states In Bihar it ranges from 750 to 2000 square feet, and in Nepal, its ranges from 3645 square feet. Moreover, value variation might cause further objections in higher-level calculations. So here we are given simple steps to calculate this Bigha to Katha unit with our website. Try it and get your accurate Katha unit value on our user-friendly interface website.

Formula For Bigha to Katha Conversion(bigha to katha formula)

The base formula for this bigha to katha converter is

Katha = Bigha * 20

How many katha in a bigha?

Step 1: To Convert 1 bigha to katha

Step 2: Applying formula katha = bigha * 20, (i.e) multiply the unit value by 20.

Step 3: Then, katha = 1 * 20 = 20.

Step 4: Hence, 1 bigha is equal to 20 katha.

bigha to katha conversion online

Some bigha to katha Conversion Chart for your reference:

1 bigha = 20 katha
2 bigha = 40 katha
3 bigha = 60 katha
4 bigha = 80 katha
5 bigha = 100 katha
6 bigha = 120 katha
7 bigha = 140 katha
8 bigha = 160 katha
9 bigha = 180 katha
10 bigha = 200 katha

The bigha to katha conversion chart is above listed for your reference. This chart, however, represents the simple math calculation involved in the bigha to katha convertion online.

For Example: How much is 1 bigha to katha


= (bigha * 20)

= (1 x 20)

= 20 katha

For Example: How much is 120 bigha in katha


= (bigha * 20)

= (120 x 20)

= 2400 katha

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