Hi Meaning In Tamil

Hi meaning in tamil is Vanakkam “வணக்கம்” or Hi in Tamil is “வணக்கம்”

When to use vanakkam(Hi)?

When you meet someone or see someone that time just first say (Hi)vanakkam with a smile. This basic Tamil culture(Indian Culture). Vanakkam is not just a word, its emotion when using this word is the meaning of respect for each other. And also vanakkam is a formal greeting to anyone.

Body language for when we say vanakkam?

When we say vanakkam to anyone, we press both hands of joining palms together in front of the chest.

Which people mostly use vanakkam?

Mostly Tamilnadu people using the word vanakkam(Hi in Tamil - வணக்கம்).

hi meaning in tamil - vanakkam

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What is the meaning of Vanakkam(Hi):