Is KB Bigger Than MB?

Before knowing the answer for this, you need to understand the few facts which are used in computers and other technology. A kilobyte is the unit byte where it is equal to 1000 bytes in decimal and 1024 bytes in binary. The symbol used to represent kilobyte is kb.

A megabyte is a multiple of the unit byte with a prefix mega. It is also represented as 106 and the symbol used here is MB.

Just note this; One Megabyte is equal to 1000 kilobytes in decimal and 1024 kilobytes in Binary.

As you see, One megabyte is more than one kilobyte. So kb is not bigger than mb.

What is bigger kb or mb?

To know the answer for this, just see this mathematical representation which is for you.

1kb = 1000 bytes (in base 10) and 1024 bytes (in binary)

1Mb=1000 kilobytes (in base 10) and 1024 kilobytes (in binary)

1000 kb > 1000 bytes and 1024 kilobytes > 1024 bytes

From this, it is clearly shown that Mb > kb or Mb is greater than Kb. And the final answer is Mb is bigger.

Which is bigger Kb or Mb?

MB is bigger than KB. One MB is usually represented as 106.

Also, One Megabyte = 1.000.000 bytes in decimal and 1.048.576 bytes in binary whereas 1 Kilobyte = 0.001 MB in decimal and 0.0009765625 MB in a binary value.

Therefore, 1 MB is bigger than 1 KB

Which is larger Kb or Mb?

To find the largest one, you need to know the basic value of a kilobyte and a Megabyte. Compare the kb and Mb to see which one is bigger.

1 MB = 1000 kilobytes ------------ (1)


1 KB = 1000 bytes ------------- (2)

On comparing (1) and (2), it is clear that MB is larger than KB.

Which is bigger kilobyte or gigabyte?

On comparing the unit representational values, it is easy to conclude the answer now. For your information, go through the values of one Kilobyte and One Gigabyte.

One gigabyte = One billion bytes or One million kilobytes of information

One Kilobyte = 1000 bytes in decimal and 1024 bytes in binary

As you see the bytes and kilobytes value of One GB and One Kb, you can easily conclude that gigabyte is bigger than kilobyte.

Which is greater kb or mb?

Mb is greater than Kb. Knowing the value of KB and MB will help you to understand better.

One MB equals One million bytes or One thousand kilobytes of digital information. And One KB equals 100010 bytes and 10242­ bytes.

From the unit values and representation, it is clear that Mb is always greater than KB.