JSON To String Converter

Json stands for javascript object notations. Json to String converter is one of the most used online tools to ease any json to string conversion. This tool provides great access over jsontostring, stringify json online, javascript object to string without any errors. Hence, you got string with additional Backslash, quotation marks symbols, fully string compressed code.


Additionally, we don’t have any restrictions on the length of the JSON code. Our goal is to make your Json to String Converstion process more accurate and easily.

What is JSON?

JSON stands for javascript object notation. JSON is used during the data transfer from a server to a webpage. JSON is an open standard text-based file format, easy to write, understandable human format, and also to storing, transporting data.

Json Stringify - JSON.stringify()

When tranfer the data to server, data has to be string. Using this json stringify function(JSON.stringify()) you can create JSON string from a JavaScript object.

For Example:
Input JSON:
var obj = { name: "Stefan", age: 30, city: "los angeles"   };
var myJSON = JSON.stringify(obj);
document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = myJSON;

And Final Output is:

{"name":"John","age":30,"city":"New York"}

In final output, you got string without space and with quotation marks.

How to Convert JSON to String?

  • Copy the entire JSON code you want to convert from your JSON file.
  • Once you copy it, paste your JSON code in the first text box.
  • And then, click the convert button.
  • Wait and relax for a few seconds to get your string code. if you want repeat the process to click clear button and repeat the above steps.

Example Explanation:

To have a clear idea of the conversion of json to string code, you can refer to the Example: mentioned below:

Assume this is your json code and let's see how to convert this json code to a string.

Below the sample/Example JSON Code:

Now the final output is